Majority of voters back 50p top rate of tax

The overwhelming majority of Britons back raising the top rate of income tax back up to 50p in the pound, a new survey has found. The ComRes poll carried out last week revealed that 77 per cent would back the imposition of such a rate on those earning over £150,000.

Such views are held even among those voting for the Conservatives, who have held the rate at 45p since George Osborne trimmed it from 50p in 2013, when he was Chancellor in the coalition government. The survey found 76% of Tory voters would back the rise.

The poll also advocated higher taxes in other areas, with 60% supporting a rise in corporation tax from the current 20% to 25%, which contrasts with government plans to cut these taxes. However, voters were mostly against higher taxes on spending, with nearly three-quarters against rises in VAT, or on petrol and diesel. The abandoned Budget policy of raising National Insurance contributions for the self-employed was opposed by 54%, but 32% were in favour.