Corporate Solutions

Most small to medium sized firms are unprepared in some areas of financial planning.

The consequences of this oversight may simply result in paying more tax than necessary, or it can be much more serious if events which can, and should be insured against, are left uncovered, with possibly disastrous consequences for the firm and its owners.

We can provide solutions in the following areas:

  • Pension Planning for Directors
  • Company Pension Schemes
  • Protection for your business and key personnel
  • Business Financing Solutions *
  • Assistance with government grants *
Many businesses need a cash injection to expand, diversify and survive. Lending is becoming more difficult to source, and the cost is rising. In certain circumstances a possible solution could be to utilise pension funds, however you should seek advice from an IFA before embarking on this cause of action.

Come and talk to us without obligation about how we can provide advice tailored to your particular circumstance.

* Please note some of the areas of advice above may not be regulated by the FCA